Careers and Recruiting  

At Dahl Trucking, LLC we know that our drivers are the heart of this company. We know that without them there would be no Dahl Trucking, LLC. For that reason, we feel that a driver is more like a business partner than just an employee. Our dispatchers know that home time, good money, driving quality equipment and the feeling of being a vital part of a company are just a few advantages of working for Dahl Trucking, LLC.  

When You Come to Work for Us Some of the Benefits are:

  • Affordable Health Insurance
  • Cash Advance on Loads
  • Direct Deposit (Paystubs can be Viewed Online)
  • Flex Plan

  • Mileage Bonus
  • Mileage Pay
  • Paid Vacation
  • Pre-Pass Plus

  • Retirement Plan
  • Rider Program
  • Satellite Communications

Apply Today!

If you are a skilled/professional driver and have the desire and want to drive for a family orientated company that really cares about their drivers, then Dahl Trucking, LLC is the company for you. Get started on the application process now by submitting our Pre-Employment Information form.

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Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure Statement

In accordance with the provisions of Section 604(b)(2)(A) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Public Law 91-508, as amended by the Consumer Credit Reporting Act of 1996 (Title II, Subtitle D, Chapter I, of Public Law 104-208), you are being informed that reports verifying your previous employment, previous drug and alcohol test results, and your driving record may be obtained on you for employment purposes. These reports are required by Sections 382.413, 391.23, and 391.25 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

First Name: *
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Date of Birth:
Driver’s License Number:
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Social Security #:
Authorization to Obtain Reports I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the contents of the above notice and, by signing below, specifically authorize Dahl Trucking, LLC to obtain one or more consumer reports on me for employment-related purposes as indicated above.:


Click here to download an Important Notice Regarding Background Reports.

Driver’s Application Form

To apply for a driving position with our company, please download and fill out the
Driver’s Application for Employment form. You may then fax the form to 701-256-3960.

To view the Dahl Trucking, LLC Trucking Insurance Certificate, click here.